Bite-Sized Fitness


Everybody has the same 24 hours. You can choose to use it wisely. It’s true that sometimes doing absolutely nothing is time very well spent.

Other times, try using a couple minutes at a time, a few times, over the course of the day to move you body and get in some exercise reps.

Personally, I choose exercises that are challenging to me such as one-arm pushups, assisted one-arm chin-ups, loaded pistol squats, or some heavy kettlebell swing variation like the one shown above.

But this is you journey so you choose what’s appropriate for you.

It may look something like this:

7:30AM – 20 reverse lunges (10/leg)

9:30AM – 20 reverse lunges (10/leg)

10:30AM – 20 reverse lunges (10/leg)

NOON – 20 reverse lunges (10/leg)

3:30PM – 20 reverse lunges (10/leg)

6:30PM – 20 reverse lunges (10/leg)

This is a great strategy for beginners or those folks who have been less active than they would like to be. These bite-sized chunks add up. And you’re not likely to get too sweaty so this can be effective for the workplace. It can turn into a regular habit before you realize. Another MAJOR benefit of this is the energy and endorphin blast you get right after. Better than coffee.

So we can all agree… I’m awesome!

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