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If you’re the type who doesn’t use vacation time as an excuse to veer off your fitness plan, then a simple TRX and bodyweight workout may be just for you.

Bringing a TRX along when you travel allows you the opportunity to get an efficient and challenging workout done right in your hotel room. Or if you’re more ambitious, find a tree on the grounds to attach your TRX that will support your weight.

The routine in the video is best performed using 45-second work intervals and short 10-second rest intervals. It is meant to be done at a brisk pace. Complete all 7 exercises (6th and 7th are the same exercise but each side is done for a full interval) and then rest 60 seconds. Try to complete 4 total rounds. With a 5-minute warmup and a brief cool down, you’re done in about 30 minutes and you should be ready to enjoy a day of vacationing.

This is a great circuit to invigorate you first thing in the morning and because of how gentle it is, you can do it just about everyday depending on your fitness level.

Have a great vacation.

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