Getting Fit Step 1: Find Your Space

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I’ve never really had a real problem with motivation. Perhaps that’s because I don’t take my fitness goals too seriously. I take my health seriously, just not too seriously. I’m sure it definitely has something to do with the fact that I really enjoy working out and being active.

But there certainly are times when being active is harder than other times. I’ve found for myself that one of the best ways to get the juices flowing is to get myself physically into a space to be active in.

I’ve told this to many clients as well. Have a place to go where physical activity may happen as a side-effect of being in that space. I have a gym in my home, and although I feel everyone should have a home gym too, it’s not a necessity. You may just have a room to put a yoga mat down or you may need to get a gym membership, but the key is to take yourself away from all other distractions and get into fitness mode.

Once you’re in the aforementioned space, you may just stand there and look around aimlessly like I sometimes do. But after a while, just maybe you’ll start moving around and do some squats or some yoga poses. Maybe you’ll pick up a kettlebell or a dumbbell. Maybe some chinups. Before long, you might just find yourself working out or just playing. And if it doesn’t happen at all, don’t beat yourself up. It may not be the day, but revisit your space tomorrow.

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