What is Fitness Minimalism?

Fitness minimalism is about first learning how to move your body in all planes of motion and discovering an awareness of how your body moves in space before adding external loads. Once you begin to understand how to express movement purity, you can begin to add loads for resistance such as kettlebells, clubbells, and free…

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Stretches and Mobility Drills For Hips and Shoulders

Flexibility and mobility are often confused but are not the same. Practice stretching after workout and/or warmups but never while cold. Mobility drills can be done on their own, used as warmups or cool downs. Optimally, you should practice stretching tight muscles and mobilizing sticky joints every day. I put a few of my videos…

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Getting Fit Step 1: Find Your Space

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I’ve never really had a real problem with motivation. Perhaps that’s because I don’t take my fitness goals too seriously. I take my health seriously, just not too seriously. I’m sure it definitely has something to do with the fact that I really enjoy working out and being active. But there certainly are times when…

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