Personal Training and Boxing Fitness

Private, Semi-Private or live video Coaching

I am very happy to be able to provide personal coaching services at 2 Ottawa locations: My home studio located in Hunt Club South and Movement Union in Vanier. Both locations allow us to focus on your goals in a private setting.

Private coaching is about realizing YOUR dreams and working toward YOUR goals. Discovering optimal health is a journey and we can make it happen together. You're not going to get a program written up for you so that you can go on your way and face the inevitable challenges alone. You will get expert guidance on everything that will help you grow and thrive as the best version of yourself possible: a strength-training system that your body will love, nutrition support that will fuel your efforts and make you feel like a new person, and lifestyle guidance that will ensure your efforts are being supported in every way.

Working with a coach will, among other things:

  • ensure your workouts are appropriate for your goals and are addressing key weaknesses while placing safety and proper exercise execution first and foremost
  • keep your exercise program challenging, while ensuring your fitness level is progressing
  • keep workouts interesting while focusing on multiple aspects of fitness
  • keep you consistently motivated and accountable to your goals

If you’re okay with sharing - training with a spouse, family member, co-worker or friend can provide all the above benefits of working one-on-one with a coach. And, combined with the added accountability of fitness peers, some friendly competition, and a significant cost savings due to the shared session-rate the decision to take your fitness to the next level becomes an easy one.

Not everybody’s fitness needs and goals are equal, but a creative and resourceful trainer can effectively manage your goals with your fitness cohorts’.

Live Video Sessions

Let's train in the privacy of your own space and I will guide you in a live video training session. We can break down the last of the barriers and work on YOU together.

Consult your doctor before beginning a new exercise program.

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