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Chris changed my life. His personality and coaching method is addictive. Meeting Chris has been one of the best decisions I have made.


Marian S.

I started working with Chris several years ago and was impressed by his enthusiasm, and the improvements in my fitness and over-all health as a result of his training. Whether it was providing me with alternatives to stress eating, or adjusting my eating patterns to correct problems and deficits; his nutritional knowledge was practical and helpful to me over the years. He tailored the exercise sessions to focus on my areas of concern, which meant that they changed over time as my needs did. The hour was a mix of light-hearted banter and serious exercise that made it easy to stay focused and strive for improvement. As a result, I achieved many “personal best” moments over the years, but more importantly I came to see fitness not as something that I “had to do” but something to look forward to. I would highly recommend Chris as both a personal trainer and nutrition coach.

Mel B.

Last year I had such debilitating hip and low back pain that I got stuck on the floor while visiting a friend's chalet and was in disbelief.

I worked with my amazing chiropractor and my massage therapist to get me through the acute "crisis" phase. (I say crisis because you shouldn't get stuck on a friend's floor at 38 years old)

Then, on the recommendation of a friend I started seeing Chris, strength coach extraordinaire, and started doing the work I needed to do to stabilize the hip...

…A year ago I had a hard time getting up off the floor, and this week I completed two full, consecutive days of Highland games heavy events... with ZERO hip and low back pain.

It only gets better from here!

Ashley B.

I suffered for many years with severe heartburn. I saw many doctors, have had special testing; blood tests, scoping, biopsy's all with no real answers. I was told I had some minor scarring and irritation, but they had no real diagnosis. One specialist, after repeated visits diagnosed me with irritable bowel syndrome(IBS). I was never really convinced of this because at the time my main complaint was heartburn, and I did not frequently exhibit the classic digestive concerns associated with IBS. None the less, I tried many prescription medications, which never worked, until I was given Nexium. It was like a miracle. I felt great and went about my life. Diet and lifestyle change was never really broached.


However, over the years from my diagnosis I began to exhibit more symptoms of IBS. Constant bloating and nausea, severe abdominal pains, constipation, or diarrhea, and my heartburn got more and more unmanageable, with several trips to emergency with severe pain. Since things were progressing despite my medication(Nexium) I thought I should see the GI specialist again. He did not even touch me, do a physical exam, or offer any testing, he dismissed my symptoms and said it is just IBS and gave me a pamphlet about a diet I could try. The LOWFODmaps diet. I tried this diet, and found some relief, but was still not completely without symptoms. I no longer was taking Nexium, however I did have to take Antacids on occasion. This diet did not last, and I began to eat poorly again. My symptoms got quite severe again.


This is when I began the anticandida diet.


I have been on the strict diet for the past month and have found it to be incredibly difficult, yet totally rewarding. The diet is very focused on high protein, good fats, only gluten free carbs, no dairy(except plain probiotic yogurt), no caffeine, no alcohol and very strictly no sugar of any kind, including fruit. I also been taking supplements and vitamins.


The first week of the diet was horrendous. I got my first ever migraine, and missed a fair amount of work. I felt sluggish, had constant headaches, and was nauseated. The second week I felt a lot better, however I was hungry all of the time, and had the worst cravings of my life. My boss bought everyone pizza one day, and I thought very seriously about drop kicking everyone in my way and devouring the entire thing. I held strong through. The third week is when things really turned around for me. I wake up refreshed now, which is something that I don't think I can ever remember happening. I have energy. My skin is clear, which again I haven't had since before puberty. My joints don't ache. My bloating is almost completely gone, and best of all my heartburn, is GONE. I haven't had heartburn since the middle of week one. And bonus, I lost 10lbs.


To anyone considering personal training:

I have trained with Chris for over a year and a half and in that time Chris has helped me accomplish a weight loss of over 65 pounds. He is a great personal motivator and never once let me give up on myself even though I have felt I couldn't possibly lift another pound or do any more squats, spidermans, burpees or whatever he has in store. I have absolutely LOVED training with Chris and tell everyone that it is definitely something that they should do. Thanks Chris for all your help.


John and Norma-Jean

My husband and I had Chris as our personal trainer for 15 months . Extremely knowledgeable in exercise physiology, Chris was able to take two seniors with somewhat limited capabilities to a greatly improved physical state. We noticed significant improvement in all areas of functional fitness, from lifting and carrying, to flexibility and endurance. Chris was consistently professional and approachable. He got us moving, balancing, stretching on foam rollers, lifting, and getting up and down from the floor. Easy to be with, he managed to challenge us without making us feel pressured. He customized our workouts to meet us at our level. Thanks for a great experience Chris!


After many years of being too thin, I decided to work with a personal trainer. With the help of Chris, I achieved my fitness goals. I not only went from 128 pounds to 160, but also increased my muscle mass and I am now in the best shape I have ever been in. Chris was very encouraging and motivating, always making sure I was staying on track. He designed a specific workout routine geared especially for my fitness needs, which I still follow today.

Chris has made me enjoy going to the gym and has made me more aware of why it is important to have a healthy lifestyle. Training has positively impacted my life a great deal all with the help of Chris. Even though we are now finished training he still contacts me to check up and see how everything is. I am very happy and thankful I got the opportunity to train with Chris and I would strongly recommend Chris to anyone who wants to see the best possible results.


Dr. Anne, DVM

I’ve been working with Chris for nearly a year now, and I have to say that I am SO impressed with what the addition of a safe and effective strength training program has brought to my life. Chris is incredibly knowledgable and his patience and attention to detail has allowed me to feel comfortable and confident learning these new skills and techniques in a safe environment with impressive results. 

I am an avid horseback rider and runner, having run several half-marathons before I began working with Chris - this last fall I completed my first full marathon, and while I was exhausted by completion I know the foundation of strength that I had built was what carried me across the finish line, most importantly, without injury. My running and riding form has improved dramatically, my upper body and core strength has grown beyond what I thought capable, and perhaps most importantly, I’ve never felt as comfortable in my skin as I do now - with Chris’ help, support and guidance I truly feel like the well-rounded athlete I want to be.


Chris is a dedicated coach working with you to accomplish your lifestyle goals. He is attentive to your concerns, challenges and questions regarding your health. Chris is very knowledgeable about physical and dietary concerns. Your inquiries will be addressed with well-informed answers.

Chris is innovative at designing programs to suit an individual’s fitness goal. It will be challenging and diverse to obtain the best possible results for you. He pays close attention to proper technique instruction, evaluation and encouragement while working with you.

You will be very satisfied with Chris’ approach to achieving a lifestyle change towards a healthier you!



Chris is an amazing personal trainer. He’s very professional and extremely knowledgeable. Chris has great advice and always makes our session interesting, continuously evolving the training with my improved fitness.



Four months before my wedding I started training with Chris. We had developed goals that would best suit my needs for looking spectacular on that special day! I had goals of toning the entire body and gaining lean muscle mass. Over the course of training, Chris had provided me with nutritional education and a variety of workouts to target specific areas. Through much pain and effort working out 2-3 times per week with Chris, I am able to express my happiness of the results I have today! I do not hesitate to recommend Chris to anyone who is looking to achieve results! Chris, you were an absolute pleasure to work with. Keep up the good work!



I started training with Chris a few years ago in order to tone and lose weight and I had great results. Four months ago I had my son and recently began training again with Chris. As any woman who has had their first baby knows, losing the baby weight can be a challenge. During my training sessions, Chris not only motivated me to work out properly but also pushed me past my own stopping point for many of the exercises we were doing. The best part of all was that Chris was happy to accommodate my son at our sessions! This made working out much more convenient and definitely kept me from using the excuse that I didn't have a sitter!! I'm happy to say that I'm back at my pre baby weight. Chris is an amazing resource not only for his knowledge of ­­­ fitness, but is also a wealth of knowledge in regards to nutrition and healthy living. Chris will always have an answer for you and will also take the time to research your question in more detail to chat about next time. Ladies, if you need the push to get moving after the baby, Chris can definitely help you achieve your goals!



Thanks to Chris' guidance, I was able to lose 35.86 pounds over 4 months time. I feel lighter, happier, more confident and more comfortable with myself and those around me... Having the notion in your mind that you are committing to a "lifestyle change" is much more beneficial than the idea of "I just gotta lose weight as fast as possible".  I know Chris is constantly thinking about how to help people get fitter, stronger, and generally lead better lives. His knowledge is extensive and vast, Thanks Chris!

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